Rejection #14: You Are Now Leaving Ashtabula County

Quick rejection from The Colored Lens.  Personalised, but in a way that felt like they had missed the point of the story.

Which is, I should say, on me.  If a reader for a magazine doesn’t get the story this tells me readers might not get it either.  I may park this one for the time being, I’ve sent it to nine places and had nine rejections, so maybe it’s just not as good as I thought it was?


Rejection #11: Hold Music

My micro-fic Hold Music didn’t make it onto 101 Words.

While obviously any site is entitled to print or not print whatever they want, this one surprised me.  The given reason (and I’m delighted that they take the time to personalise responses) was that it didn’t have enough story and that it was more of a vignette than a story.

Oh well, I’ll either use it elsewhere or post it here at some point.