What I’m working on

To get a snapshot of the writing I’m currently doing I thought it would be worth cataloguing what I’m writing, what I’m editing, and what else is ongoing in my writing activities.

I’ve got two completed novels that I’m mostly happy with: War Poets and Fateville.  Both have gone through from draft zero (first rushed writing) to draft one (submission to my writing group) to draft two (incorporating edits from my writing group).  Both need polish, beta readers, and ultimately an editor.  If I want them to be traditionally published I probably also need an agent.  To get that, I need to get a lot better at pitch letters and start sending out submissions again.  Actions: polish manuscripts, improve pitching skills, send manuscripts to beta readers and agents.

I’ve got a connected series of short stories called The Mrs Gagarin Mysteries that I’m redrafting and submitting to a writing group.  I haven’t yet decided whether these will be something I want to do as a book, as stories sent to magazines, or as independently published novellas.  At the moment I’m just trying to get them as good as I can (which will again involve an editor).  I’ve finished three, am currently submitting the fourth, and have another five after this.  Actions: make improvements to submitted stories, redraft and submit unsubmitted stories, decide on preferred venue for the ultimate manuscript.

I’ve got one story that I’m sending out to magazines at the moment, a contemporary fantasy called Say Not A Prayer For Me.  I also have a short story called Angels at the Border that I’m polishing up ready for submission.  Say Not A Prayer is with a magazine at the moment, I’ll see what they say.  I want to get Angels in a condition where I can send it out.  Despite the name neither of these are all that religious.  Actions: keep submitting one story, keep polishing the other then submit it.  Write more stories.

I’ve got one flash fiction piece waiting to be published and several more written.  I need to find the right venue for them and also write more.  Actions: keep submitting and writing.

I really need to work out this year’s NaNoWriMo.  I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet.  Oh well, I have nine months to think of it.  Actions: kick the can down the road.

And that’s where I am.  Mostly this post was to work that out for myself.


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