Revisiting Regeneration in 200 Words: Seventh Doctor to Eighth Doctor

[This is part of a short ongoing series looking at the regenerations of The Doctor in advance of the Christmas special which will introduce Jodie Whittaker.  Each reviews the story leading up to the regeneration in 200 words.]

There’s a string of Doctors, starting with Six and ending with Nine, who have something odd about their regeneration. Six didn’t film his own regeneration, and regenerated at the start of a series instead of the end. Seven did film his own, but it was odd for various other reasons. Let’s start with Seven’s last story.

Survival is one of my favourite Doctor Who stories. The script is stellar. Seven is in full Cryptic Megalomaniac Mode. Anthony Ainley is glorious as the Master, but the heart of the story is without question Ace.

This is a story about a girl who tried to go home and found she had changed too much. This is a story about not recognising old friends any more. This is a story about the cost of being different. Ace is amazing in it, as is everyone else.

And then there’s the Doctor Who movie, recorded seven years later, where Seven becomes Eight. I like this more than most fans. It has flaws, but it shows the potential of a nineties Doctor Who show. Sadly the show did not appear, meaning that for the next regeneration we have to time travel…

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