I didn’t complete last year’s resolution.

I almost did. I was trying to get twenty rejections for submitted stories. I ended up getting eighteen. As I didn’t reach my goal I’ll have to settle for the consolation prize:

I sent out more stories than I’ve ever sent out before.

I completed more stories than I’ve ever completed before.

I wrote and published loads of very short stories in 101words.

I was paid actual money for a story

I was asked to contribute a story to an anthology

In short, in 2017 I became more of a writer. I did things I hadn’t done and hadn’t dared to do. And a lot of that was because of my resolution. So, I’m going to try it again with a twist:

1) I will complete editing a novel to a standard where I would be happy sending it to a publisher, complete with summary, pitch, and other information

2) I will complete four short stories to the standard where I would be happy sending them to magazines

3) I will receive twenty rejections from agents, editors and publishers.

2017 was good for me as a writer. 2018 can be better.


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