Publication update

Feels like ages since I’ve updated this with anything other than a litany of negativity, so here’s something more cheerful: publication!

In the last month I’ve been published (or found out I’m being published in three different places:

My story “T-Minus” is part of the “Reading 5×5” anthology, now available from Metaphorosis Books.  This is a wonderful experiment to take 5 story pitches and write 5 different stories from each of them.  Mine was in the “Hard sci-fi” category, and I ended up with something I’m genuinely pleased with.  You can buy a copy for yourself here:

I’ve just had a microfiction published by 101 Words.  “Matrimonial Bonds” can be viewed here:

And finally, my story “Angels At The Border”, previously published by Metaphorosis, has been selected for the anthology “Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy 2017”.  I’m not vegan, but I like the idea of celebrating science fiction and fantasy that doesn’t contain the exploitation of animals, so I’m delighted to be included.  I’ll be sure to gush about it when it goes on sale.

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