Oh, hello

Haven’t updated in a while what with one thing or another.  Here’s where I am with various bits & pieces:

  • By the Banks of the Lethe was a no from New Myths and from Diabolical Plots.  Blood Marker was a no from Kzine (but quite a positive no).  They’ve both bad a bit of a wash and brush up and gone out to other people.  That makes it rejections 27, 28, and 29 for the year.
  • I’ve got a big super secret anthology project I’m going to be part of laster in the year.  Without giving too much away it has an assigned emotional major and minor theme.  And on the basis of that information alone I’ve come up with two entirely different story ideas.  Oops?  One is written, I’ll have to work on the other.  Thankfully they’re both good stories independent of the theme.  I think.
  • I’ve completed a 7000 word story called “Atmospheres”.  Going to  give it a scrub down, send it to some people I trust, see what comes out the other side.
  • I’ve decided, mostly, on my nanowrimo for this year.  Contemporary fantasy, same universe as Blood Marker.  Working title of “Tag”.  It’s got a heist plot, so that will take some planning…
  • I’ve seen the cover for Triangulation, where Heartstrings is going to appear, and it’s pretty great.  Can’t wait to share it as soon as I get permission.
  • Oh, and I got another story accepted.  I think.  Their email answering is a bit hit & miss but I’ll fill in more when I know more.

So generally things aren’t looking too bad.  Yay?


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