Rejection #8: Phantaxis

Mrs Gagarin and the Fallen Angel couldn’t find a home at Phantaxis.  I’ll consider my options.  While it’s a complete and discrete story it’s also the first part of a larger work, so I might look at other things I can do.  Some of those other things might have to wait until all of the first Mrs Gagarin Mysteries are written.


Rejection #7: Shimmer

Say Not A Prayer For Me was rejected by Shimmer.  To be honest I don’t feel too bad about this one.  I’ve mostly retired this story and this was only sent because it seemed like a natural fit.  Wasn’t to be.  Oh well.

Think I’ll fully retire SNAPFM now, and write something else.  Been a while since I’ve done any flash fiction so I may think about that.

Rejection #6: Minor League

Minor League went out for consideration at Fantasy & Science Fiction, and was seemingly not their thing.  Oh well.

I’ll look again at where else this one can go, but then might change focus from sending things out to writing new stuff.  Working on a new Mrs Gagarin (the fifth one) and have had ideas for a story currently titled Atmospheres, about politics and gas giants.

Oh, and I should probably write some more flash fic / microfic at some point.

And then of course November is looming.  I have an idea about an idea, but I need to develop it further.

Onwards and upwards…

Rejection #5 Fantasy & Science Fiction

Wasn’t able to place Mrs Gagarin at F&SF either.

Which raises the question: do I go on down the list and just keep submitting to market after market?  Do I find somewhere else to put this?  At what point do I either decide this isn’t working or go for a full-scale revision?

Being rejected by F&SF wasn’t a massive surprise.  They’re a popular well-paying market and have limited spaces.  I just want to watch out and make sure I’m not slinging around something that nobody in their right mind wants.

Oh well, I’ll try somewhere else.  And then somewhere else.  And then maybe think some more.

Building a mystery

I’ve just sent out the story “Mrs Gagarin and the Fallen Angel” to a sci fi magazine.  It’s a little different from previous stories I’ve sent out, at least in its form and its inception.  This is the first story to be drawn from writing I did for Nanowrimo in 2012, when I set out to write a novel made up of linked short stories: mysteries set on board a space station (a sort of orbital Miss Marple, essentially).  At the time I wrote them quickly and simply.  In re-writings and re-creations they’ve become more baroque and multifaceted.

They’re also not the easiest thing to work out how to pitch.  While the stories are standalone, they’re standalone like episodes of Star Trek are standalone, not like movies are standalone.  While each story has a beginning, middle, and end, there is also the novel version of a season arc.  This is great for a continued story, and also means that if the first of these stories does well people might be interested in the second, but it also means that I can’t, for example, set the first story aside and start submitting the fourth places.

I’ll see if this works.  Mysteries are rewarding to write when they go well, and frustrating to write when they don’t.  My brain is already too tired without having to spin plates.

Rejection #3: Liquid Imagination

My story “Say Not A Prayer For Me” was rejected by Liquid Imagination.  Standard form letter.

I think I might need to revisit this one and see if I want to retire it.  While I have personal fondness for it, it’s not one of my best and it has a couple of problems I don’t know how to fix.  I may replace it in the submissions carousel with Minor League (once that’s edited up) and the first Mrs Gagarin story.

Other than that, I have an idea bubbling for a story called Cousin Jack that I will commit to writing as soon as I have time free and know how to tell it.

Onward, ever onward.