Rejection #20: By the Banks of the Lethe

Encouraging rejection letter (if that can be said to exist) from Galaxy’s Edge.  They liked my writing but were overloaded with quality pieces and encouraged me to send them something later. I’ll definitely bear that in mind.


That’s 20 in just over 5 months, about 4 a month, and technically I’ve hit the rejections part of my target.  That doesn’t mean I won’t keep going, but it might mean I concentrate more of my time on the other parts of my resolution.  Namely completing another two stories to the point where I’m happy sending them out, and finishing the revision and submission pack of a novel (probably War Poets, possibly Fateville).  Oh, and I have to plan my November novel too.

So, yay for part of the resolution, but loads more to do.  And off we go.


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